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All reflective house signs made by our company are made in the UK from durable reconstituted slate and have high-tec reflective  text and numbers which are heat laminated flush to the plaque surface and are not engraved or raised in relief.

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What exactly is re-constituted slate?
Natural mineral slate is ground up into a fine powder and mixed with a tough liquid polymer resin. After mixing, the slate-polymer mix is catalised and poured into a mould where it sets rock hard. The result is an inert, durable & weatherproof  plaque which has taken on the shape of the original mould ready for the next stages in making the house sign.

Re-constituted slate is a very tough material. It has the inert properties of the mineral slate but is no longer brittle - it has the strength of concrete without the weight and is completely waterproof so it makes an excellent base material for house signs.  Because of it’s strength and better outdoor weathering properties compared with wood, metal or ceramics our house plaques won’t warp, split, rust or crack over time. That’s why we have been making ALL our house signs exclusively from this material since 1995 and why we are able to offer our unique 7 year guarantee
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Brochure Requests - Sorry, we no longer have brochures printed and don't send out any literature. All our House Signs and prices with all options are shown on the DETAILS pages for each house sign range on this website.

House Signs - Rustic Slate
House Signs - Mews Style
House Signs - Floral Motif
House Signs - Classic Rectangles
House Signs - Classic Oval
House Signs - Custom Painted

What exactly is a Reflective House Sign?
Our white reflective numbers and text look like normal signwriting in daytime, but during night time they will glow brightly when a light shines on them. They are cut out from a sheet of thousands of microscopic glass beads stuck to a silvered layer and encapsulated in clear pvc to keep them weatherproof.

The tiny glass beads work like thousands of mini ‘cats eyes’ reflecting and focusing light back to the observer. This makes the house numbers far more visible to people looking for your house at night. Ideal in case of emergencies. -  Reflective House numbers and Address markers are endorsed by Fire Fighters and other Emergency Response Departments in many Countries Worldwide. Follow the link to read why we  make and recommend Reflective House Signs.
Questions about Maintenance

Our house signs need no maintenance to keep them looking good. If traffic grime makes them dirty, just wash them with soapy water. We use only top quality U.V. & weatherproof enamel paints and gilding that require no maintenance or varnishing to keep your house plaque looking good. The pictorials on all custom painted plaques have a layer of a UV filtering polymer coating that won’t yellow over time, so the hand painted designs are sealed for life and will not fade or discolour even with decades of exposure to the elements.

Our heat laminating process ensures that any reflective text and numbers will last a minimum of 12 years in any climate on earth without deterioration of the reflective properties - in reality they will last much longer in temperate climates such as the UK. The signs can be returned to us for re-furbishment. So, even if you move home in the future and wish to use the sign at your new address, we can change the House Number and other reflective text for a small fee.

Are the letters Raised or Engraved?

We do not offer engraved or raised lettering on our Reflective House Signs. The reflective text and numbers are heat laminated flush to the signs surface which gives the appearance of signwriting. - The housesigns can be easily re-furbished with new numbers or text at any time in the future. This opens the possibility of changing any numbers or the house name on the plaque in case you move - ideal if you have ordered one of our unique custom painted plaques - this would be impossible with raised or engraved lettering.

For customers who don't like the idea of reflective house signs that show up better at night we can offer our house signs with V-Grooved engraved lettering with several different inlay colours as an optional extra. The V-Grooved lettering looks very smart in daytime, but won't be very visible at night so we don't actively recommend them. To order a house sign with V-grooved engraved numbers and lettering, please contact us.
Gold or brass lettering may look very nice when new, but we feel they do not contrast enough for easy readability - especially when they have been exposed to the elements for a while and get  tarnished. Our founder, Gerry Dunlevy has a trained sign writing background and he has designed our reflective house plaques to have the best possible contrast between the numbers and the background for easy readability. So the text and numbers on ALL our reflective house signs are always white on a dark coloured background for better visibility day and night  - Compare the difference between brass or gold numbers with our white reflective ones.

If you really want Gold or other coloured lettering, we can offer it as an option on most of our house signs with V-Grooved engraved letters and numbers inlaid in the colour you require. - They won't show up as well during hours of darkness compared with reflective signs and the price depends on the size and amount of letters to engrave and inlay. Please contact us for a quotation.
Can I choose Gold or other colour numbers and lettering?

How long do I have to wait until shipping?

Once you have placed your order with us, our visuals team will create a scaled mock-up proof of your house sign and send it via email for you to approve. - Usually within 3 working days of receiving the order. You will be able to 'OK' the proof or ask for any alterations at this stage. This way you can be sure you get exactly what you want. Then we start to make the base plaque and the lettering for the sign.

All house signs are individually hand made to order in the sequence we receive the orders. The seven stage manufacturing process actually takes about five days to complete for an average house name sign or around eight days on custom painted plaques. - We normally have a backlog of orders of about 10 days. Therefore the total average lead time until shipping orders is 15  to 18 days.

Please Note: We can’t guarantee when your sign will actually be ready but we will make every effort to get it to you if you need it for a certain date. You can check with us by email before ordering to see if it would reach you by a certain date. At certain times of  year  - holiday periods and especially from late October through to Christmas our lead time creeps up quickly to around four weeks due to Christmas Gift orders.

Expedite Service:  If you are in a hurry we do offer a service which guarantees shipping within 3 working days ( 5 working days for hand painted signs). The expedite service cost £20 GBP extra per house sign. This fee pays for overtime for one of our expert signmakers to stay after normal working hours to complete the house sign and for  Royal Mail Special Delivery. You will need to phone us to check if we have spare signmakers available to guarantee this service and pay  in full by card over the phone.
Questions about fixing holes

All plaques are supplied with fixing holes and black round headed dome caps to hide the screws. Some of the small plaques have one fixing hole each end and the larger plaques are offered with various options for the position of the fixing holes. You can fix them to brick or stucco walls, wooden gates or fences, also hanging from chains or on stakes in the ground. Options for suitable fixing hole positions are shown on each detailed page for the house plaque. You can also order the house signs with the holes drilled in positions specified for your specific positioning of the sign - just let us know in the ‘further instructions’ box when ordering in the shopping cart or email us with the details for your measurements.

Reflective House Sign in Daylight

Reflective House Sign at Night