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All reflective house signs made by our company are made in the UK from durable reconstituted slate and have high-tec reflective  text and numbers which are heat laminated flush to the plaque surface and are not engraved or raised in relief.

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We offer 22 different fonts suitable for House Signs. Your choice of font can make a big difference to the look of your house sign - we offer a choice of easy to read and decorative styles of lettering and numbers . Use the font viewer to type your actual text and number required to get a view of your house name or number in any of our font styles -  if none of them suit your requirement you have option of sending us your own favourite font by email for just 6
Choose a font from our list to personlise your House Signs, House Numbers, House Name Plate
House Sign Font List

Times Roman - Classic serif style font for a classic look Times Roman - a classic 'serif' font easy to read even in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS
Ariel - San-serif style font for a contemporary look Ariel - a 'san serif' font gives a clean contemporary style to your house sign
Tiffany Bold - Stylish with impact Tiffany Bold - Stylish curvy decorative font with impact
Century Schoolbook - most popular font chosen by customers Century Schoolbok is the most popular font chosen - It is easy to read and has classic lettering & numbers, giving a timeless look to any house sign
Goudy Handtooled - Stylish inline font Goudy Handtooled looks great in ALL CAPIAL LETTERS or Caps & Lower Case. The inline effect gives this font a 'posh' look to any house sign
Times Roman Italic- Classic serif style font for a classic look Times Roman Italic - a classic 'italcs serif' font
Firenze - Classic short angled serif font Firenze - a short angled serif font
Wicker -  moders serif font with stylish numbers Wicker font gives style to your house sign
Gill Sans - San-serif style font for a contemporary look Gill Sans - a 'san serif' font gives a clean style to your house sign
Toledo - short piont serif style font for a contemporary look Toledo - a 'short point serif' font only available on engraved V-carved Slate signs
Rondalo -  san-serif style font with a rounded style Rondalo - san-serif style font with a rounded style
Tiffany Medium - Stylish decorative font Tiffany Medium - Stylish curvy decorative font
Dauphin - beautiful italc style text Dauphin font - an elegant italic style font
Liffey Scripte - Stylish non joined up scrypt font Liffey Scripte - Stylish non joined up scrypt font
Cataneo - Stylish non joined up caligraphic style font Cataneo - Stylish non joined up caligrphic style font
Uncial - Based on a Celtic Style font Uncial font is based on Celtic text
Stonehenge - based on an saxon script Stonehenge font gives an old world saxon feel to a sign
Old English - based on an medeavel script Old English - a popular font based on tudor times
Black Chancery - nice cavalier font Black Chancery - font giving a 'cavalier' style script
Victorian period font Victorian font - a curvy decorative font poular in the Victorian Era
Willow font - 1920s style Willow font is dated around 1920 - 1930
Ardagh - gaelic font Ardagh - is a stylish gaelic font with 'fadas'
Click on any font example below to view a larger complete alphabet and full number set for that font

FONT VIEWER -  View your House Name, House Number or Address in our range of fonts

This font viewer is only a guide to help you select a suitable font for your house sign. - Once we have received your order, our designers send you a scaled mock-up proof by email. - The mock-up shows an image of the house sign you ordered with text and/or numbers in your chosen layout and font, this way you can see exactly what you are getting. You can then simply 'approve' the mock-up or ask for any alterations. - View our latest customer mock-up proofs
To get started, enter your text & numbers in the box below, type in  ALL CAPITAL LETTERS or Captals & Lower Case - then choose any of the fonts from the dropdown menu



None of the above fonts right for you?  - send to us your own font by email  - 6 extra
If you have a favourite font not shown in our house signs font list and you would like us to create your house sign in that font, you can send it to us as a TTF font file. 

<< How do I do That?

How to send us your own font by email

Simply select the 'My own font' option in the font selection box in our shopping cart and then specify the font name in the 'further instructions' box near the end of the shopping cart sequence

To send us your own font it needs to be a True Type font with a .TTF extension, - you will find them in your 'FONTS' folder in windows

In your windows 'fonts' folder find the font you want to send us. Copy and paste the font to your desktop. Then you can simply attach the copy to an email sent to - we will then be able to install it on our system

Once we have created and sent you the mock-up of your house sign with your own font and received your approval by email, we delete the font from our sign design system for copyright reasons